5 Empowering Podcasts for When You Feel Alone

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Do you ever feel like no one understands you? Finding like-minded people is so beneficial for personal growth, but can be so difficult to find sometimes. Podcasts can help you feel like a part of the conversation. Here is a list of my favorite podcasts that uplift, inspire, empower and challenge me with every episode:

“I refuse to dismiss how i feel, I also refuse to become what I feel” -Affirmation pod

Affirmation Pod

Josie Ong created this incredible podcast that features detailed affirmations target for specific circumstances. Each episode is thoughtfully crafted to create powerful mindset shifts. The concept is incredible and the execution is spot on! Josie always speaks directly to my heart and creates space for whatever feeling I am experiencing. There is an episode perfectly tailored for virtually any struggle you may be facing. And if you have a subject that she hasn’t yet covered, she takes audience requests!

(Suggested Episode: What You Can Say to Your Inner Child)

“Trauma is anything that is too much, too quick, too soon” -conversations with kenzie

Conversations with Kenzie

Kenzie Brenna is an incredible thought leader and conversation starter. This is my all-time favorite podcast. Kenzie is an excellent host, she has the most soothing voice and asks thought-provoking questions without making assumptions about any of her guests. She radiates compassion and authenticity throughout every conversation and demonstrates respect and genuine curiosity about all subjects and beliefs, even when they don’t align with her own. Her expert guests lend thought-provoking insight. There is something for everyone on this podcast.

(Suggested Episode: What is trauma and how do we heal from it?)

“If you feel like you can’t take a break, you probably really NEED to take one.” -Lessons learned with komal

Lessons Learned with Komal

Komal Minahas is an expert at leading hard conversations, and is a powerful resilience educator. She is a cancer survivor and chronic illness advocate. Her documentary, Dream, Girl, earned her a spot on the Super Soul 100 list by Oprah Winfrey. Her podcast addresses practical lessons such as “Building Confidence in the Face of Change”, “How to Overcome Fear & Achieve Your Dreams” and “Lifting Each Other Up When You Feel Like the Only One”. Her gentle strength comes through in each episode and leaves me feeling inspired and able to tackle any obstacle.

(Suggested Episode: Resilience and Rising When We Are Triggered)

“That equation between thinness and happiness and thinness and freedom is just hammered into our brains. And for me that was this message that if I could just get my body under control then the rest of my life will be under control too” -body trauma: a storytelling podcast

Body Trauma: A Storytelling Podcast

Nia Patterson is an eating disorder recovery fighter, speaker and activist. Her podcast is full of educational content presented as a conversation between friends. As a host, Nia fosters warm, genuine connection with her guests and creates a bridge for her audience to access anti-racist and anti-diet culture perspectives. This podcast challenges me to consider new perspectives and constantly uplifts guests from minority groups that are historically underrepresented. The focus on trauma and recovery is so needed.

(Suggested episode: How Does Social Media Influence our Body Image and Perceived Self Worth?)

“There is no destination when it comes to body positivity. It’s a never ending journey.” -the papaya podcast

The Papaya Podcast

Sarah Nicole Landry is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. She has an incredible heart for difficult conversations and dismantling diet culture. She initially started her journey as a weight loss account, until she said “hey, that didn’t work, I still don’t love my body”. Now, she is a powerful voice for self-love. On her podcast, she tackles a variety of subjects with her guests, from divorce to diversity to reality TV. The tone is conversational yet the topics and guests challenge my perspective with every episode.

(Suggested Episode: One Where We Talk to A Feminist Lawyer)

I hope you found a new podcast to binge on long roadtrips. What is your favorite podcast? Comment below and add to this list!

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