30 Compliments to Give a Woman (that aren’t about her appearance)

In a society that constantly tries to pit women against each other, the best act of defiance is to stop competing for validation from men and lift each other up.

So here are 30 compliments to give other women that aren’t about her appearance (because yes, she is beautiful, but she is also a badass).

1. You are an amazing role model.

2. You are so skilled at __________.

3. The world needs more women like you.

4. You inspire me to stand up for myself.

5. You are so generous.

6. You give such thoughtful advice.

7. I would trust you with all my passwords.

8. Our conversations truly challenge me to be a better person.

9. I love how passionate you are about ________.

10. You come up with the best jokes.

11. You are so good with animals/children/strangers.

12. Your confidence is magnetic.

13. You have great taste in _____.

14. You are strong.

15. You always have the best ideas.

16. You are so fun to be around.

17. Your laugh is contagious.

18. I want to be you when I grow up.

19. You are so good at fixing problems.

20. You are an amazing leader.

21. I learn something every time I talk to you.

22. Your bravery inspires others.

23. I love your persistence.

24. Your authenticity makes people feel less alone.

25. You are so worthy of that promotion.

26. You always seem to understand what I’m trying to say.

27. You make others feel at home.

28. You are brilliant.

29. I admire your integrity.

30. You are a good friend.

Comment your favorite compliments that I missed down below!

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