This you?

✔ You want to model, but don't know where to start.

✔ You're scared you don't have "the look" (Victoria's Secret fashion shows live rent free in my head too, girl ⏳).

✔ You are feminist, anti-racist, body positive, LGBTQ+ affirming and concerned the industry is incompatible with your convictions.

✔ You feel uncomfortable in front of the camera (why do my hands feel so awkward? 😨).

✔ You have big dreams and goals, but aren't sure what steps to take to get there

You have so many questions...

How do people afford to hire so many photographers and build a portfolio?

I’m too tall/short/big/small/tattooed/freckled/asymmetrical/imperfect to make money modeling”. Is there a place for me?

What comes first?

The agency or the portfolio?

Don’t models just get discovered? No one has reached out to me, so it must not be a possibility for me, right?


Posed for


An 8-Week-Course for the model misfit who wants the radical mindset transformation needed to break into the industry with magnetic confidence, unshakable body love, rock solid boundaries, and proven modeling techniques.

Just two years ago, I was asking myself those exact same questions. The modeling industry felt like a secret club that I wanted to join, but couldn’t find a way in. I was scared to ask questions and even more scared to put myself out there in such a vulnerable way (what would my friends think?) Now? I’m signed to an amazing agency and have worked with some of my DREAM companies.

 How  did I do it?   Through extensive research, and through trial and error. I fell flat on my face so YOU won’t have to. I’ve used those moments of “oops” as important feedback that springboarded me to some of my biggest moments of success.

This year I have been published numerous times and worked with companies like Ammil Designs, Universal Yarns, Ipsy and Juicy Couture. And best of all, I’m making money doing what I love.

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Brands I've worked with:
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🔥 feeling grounded in your body


🔥 owning your unique beauty

🔥 posing with confidence (yess boo!)

🔥 rocking a killer portfolio

🔥 having a thriving community of support on Instagram and TikTok

🔥 fearlessly pitching to your dream brands

🔥 thriving as a freelance model (boss vibes!)

🔥 signing with your soulmate agency

But don't Just take my word for it!

"Alyssa has helped my boutique thrive with her modeling & confidence training! Before, I felt lost and not in control, which really showed in my photos. She helped give me confidence to pose my plus size body and taught me to be aware of how it moves when posing for shots.


The change in our photos is truly amazing and I couldn't recommend Alyssa more to kickstart or improve your modeling skills!"


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[Before the course] I had no confidence in my ability, and Alyssa unlocked that confidence in me.


I feel far more equipped to navigate the industry, and believe in myself one million percent more. I have the confidence to pursue opportunities and not wait for success to find me — I chase it. Alyssa is an inspiration both personally and professionally.


I just signed a year long modelling contract with the local university’s photography program and shot for a local consignment boutique.


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Definitely, definitely, definitely consider working with Alyssa! Her kind, empathetic, and encouraging personality made me feel seen and heard.


She always gave us time to critically evaluate not only our plan but also how we made space for ourselves emotionally. It gave the course a holistic approach that is much needed in an industry where it is easy to become looks-obsessed.


The information she provides is easily digestible yet eye-opening and really prepares you for the industry. It's information you would likely not see anywhere else.


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The Nitty Gritty:

➡️ 8 weeks of accountability and daily support

➡️ Access to all the video modules with 25+ trainings (access for 4 months)

➡️ Live group coaching with Alyssa weekly

➡️ PDF downloads of worksheets weekly

➡️ Live Guest Expert coaching calls

➡️ Homework to set you up for successful implementation of the techniques discussed

➡️ Personalized 1-on-1 support and feedback in our members-only fb group

➡️ 2 individual coaching sessions with Alyssa to to break down your specific struggles and help you achieve your personal goals and to keep you on track towards your goals

➡️ Members only student Instagram audits

Bonus: negotiation email templates & call scripts when you enroll before 4/17
 Doors Close In: 

Course Breakdown:

Model Mindset
Connect & Collaborate
Posing & Portfolio
Like a Boss
Signing with an Agency
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+much more!


Am I too ugly to be a model?

I’m not sure if I want to model professionally or as a hobby, will this course still help me?

Isn’t modeling unsafe?

I’m not comfortable modeling nude or in underwear, is that a deal-breaker?

I’ve heard you either have it or you don’t, is modeling a skill you can learn?

Will I get scammed if I submit to an agency?

What if I don’t want to sign with an agency?

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