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👉🏻 You want to model, but don't know where to start

👉🏻 You feel like you don't have the right "model look"

👉🏻 You are feminist, anti-racist, body positive, LGBTQ+ affirming and don't know how you'll be able to stay true to your beliefs in the industry

👉🏻 Maybe you yourself fall into marginalized identities and wonder "can I even make it, when I've never seen someone like me model?"

👉🏻 You feel uncomfortable in front of the camera (why do my hands feel so awkward? 😨)

👉🏻 You have big dreams and goals, but aren't sure what steps to take to get there

Is this You?

You have so many questions...

Am I too tall/short/big/small/tattooed/freckled/asymmetrical/imperfect to be a model?

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An 8-Week-Course for the model misfit who wants the radical mindset transformation needed to break into the industry with magnetic confidence, unshakable body love, rock solid boundaries, & proven modeling techniques.


Just three years ago, I was asking myself those exact same questions. The modeling industry felt like a secret club that I wanted to join, but couldn’t find a way in.

Every glimpse I got into the industry told me that

I didn't fit in


I’m signed to an amazing agency and have worked with some of my DREAM companies.


How'd I do it?

Through extensive research,

and through trial and error. I fell flat on my

face so YOU won’t have to. I’ve used those moments of “oops” as important feedback to springboard me to some of my biggest moments of success.

I leveraged my 17+ years of acting training to navigate the industry and bring life & character to every shoot.

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Brands I've worked with:

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