Chances are, you've heard:

"A pretty face is everything"

"Modeling agencies want someone with a strong portfolio"

"Growing your social media will help you stand out"

"Focus on Skincare"

"Know how to pose"

"Practice your Runway Walk"


What if I told you that the most marketable skill for a model in 2021 is NONE of those things?

Stop focusing on the wrong things.


I get it

We allllll wanna set ourselves up for success! And I wanna see YOU thrive. So I'm about to call you out. What will you do when you see this on your agency submission? Do you have what you need?


Think about it

Marketing through video is on the rise. Don't get left behind! Agencies are more likely to sign someone who can do it all, print & video. PLUS commercials pay the big bucks.


Act Like a Model

A 90 minute workshop

Where: Zoom

When: August 4th @7 pm EST

Price: Only $97! (for info that could make you thousands)

That's why I created...

I Know What You're Thinking..

That all sounds great, but who is this chick?

And what makes her the expert on acting for models?



friend, Hey!

I'm so glad we met.

Acting has been one of my biggest passions since day 1. My first full scale production was at age 6 (look at that little cutie on the right!). I performed every year since then, and even got a BFA in Musical Theatre!

I studied Theatre Education for 3 years in college before deciding that classroom teaching wasn't quite the right fit.

I also studied film acting in NYC through Syracuse University.

I'm a professional model & actress and my mission is to equip model misfits with the skills they need to make $ and kick beauty standards to the curb through radical self compassion & industry insight.


What Will You Learn?


Creating believable characters that come to life (for print & video!)


Breaking down vocal and physical acting (because not all acting jobs require speaking!)


Adjusting your techniques for different types of acting work (AKA how to not piss off the director!)


Filming casting videos that get you called back and booked (don't lose the job because your setup sucks!)

+ Q&A

But don't just take my word for it

"I'm honestly inspired to keep working hard and encouraged that I am on the right path.

100% invest in working with Alyssa, she is real and meets you where you are at. She is experienced enough to guide you forward without the pressure of having to be perfect."

-Mikayla Alexandria, previous workshop attendee
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Workshop Deets?

Where: Zoom

When: August 4th @7 pm EST

Price: Only $97! (or $34 on the payment plan)

Replay will be sent out to all registrants!